Global Think Tank Watch(GTTWatch)

Global Think Tank Watch - GTT Watch
A Bibliographic Database Project of Global Security Research Institute (G-SEC), Keio University

Global Think Tank Watch (GTT Watch) is a database, a function of which is a gateway to the world of policy research and analysis disseminated by selected think tanks worldwide. It collects and provides access to cumulative bibliographic information of policy briefs, reports, journals and discussion papers published by public policy research institutes. GTT Watch sites English publications and other language papers as long as they attach English bibliographic data such as a title and abstract of the paper. GTT Watch mainly collects policy papers full-text of which is available on the Internet.

The GTT Watch is lead by Prof. Heizo TAKENAKA, a Director of the Global Security Research Institute (G-SEC), Keio University. The project members are Prof. Yasunori SONE, a Professor of The Graduate School of Media and Governance at the Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Prof. Kosuke OYAMA, a Professor of the Faculty of Law, and Madoka NAKAMURA, a Fellow at the G-SEC, all from the Keio University, Japan.
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GTT Watch is originally started as Policy Research Watch (PRW) by the National Institute for Research Advancement. This database project is taken over by G-SEC as of May 2008. The aim and mission of the project remains unchanged from the PRW and enhanced its role to strengthen policy networks through a global knowledge sharing model. As a university-affiliated policy institute, G-SEC plans to expand to add academic and analytical features to the GTT Watch.

GTT Watch Database
Includes more than 50 periodicals and occasional papers published by think tanks in more than 20 countries
Compiles bibliographic data (such as titles, names of authors, lists of contents)
Provides links to the publication, including fulltext if it is available on the Internet
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