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GTT Watch Report
The GTT Watch Report contains remarks and addresses by the members and friends of the project, and outlines of papers available in the Database. The project aims to extend and strengthen think tank networks and the global policy research community. The database collects bibliographic information on publications available mainly through the websites of the think tanks it includes.
The GTT Watch Report is currently published only in Japanese.
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GTT Watch Report
No3. 2009.1.1
(PDF 1,031KB)
大山耕輔 (慶應義塾大学 法学部 教授)

金融規制体系の将来展望-各国の経験を踏まえて / Forum: BANK REGULATION
Center for Economic Studies (CES) and the Ifo Institute for Economic Research
CESifo DICE REPORT Journal for Institutional Comparisons, Vol.6, No.3, Autumn 2008
(監修: 玉木伸介・預金保険機構参与)


National Security Advisor / Brookings
Securing Freedom; The U.S.-Japanese Alliance in a New Era / AEI
Obama's First International Crisis / RAND
Forging a New Era in the U.S.-Japan Alliance / Heritage Foundation
No2. 2008.11.1
(PDF 1,333KB)
曽根 泰教 (慶應義塾大学 政策・メディア研究科 教授)

天然資源の使用権と管理システム / Perspectives on Access to and Management of Natural Resources-A Discussion of Selected Literature
Julie Koch, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS)

米国の対アジア「第三隣国」戦略 / A "Third Neighbor" Strategy for Asia
Michael Auslin, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

グローバル経済が低迷する中での東アジア地域協力 / Regional Cooperation in East Asia Amid Global Economic Turmoil
Josef T. Yap, Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS)

世界経済予測―失速する世界経済 / Downturn in the World Economy
Kiel Institute of World Economics (IfW)
No1. 2008.9.1
(PDF 1,367KB)
GTT Watchレポート 創刊に寄せて
竹中 平蔵 (慶應義塾大学グローバルセキュリティ研究所所長・大学院メディアデザイン研究科教授)

EU単一市場と健康リスク / Is the Health of the Single Market under Threat?
Marie-Helene Fandel, European Policy Centre(EPC)

危機に直面する米国の国際貿易 / World Trade at Risk
C. Fred Bergsten, Peterson Institute for International Economics

韓国・中国FTAの原産地規則 / Rules of Origin in the Korea-China FTA
Mee Jin Cho et al., KIEP-Korean Institute for International Economic Policy

戦略的リーダーシップ-21世紀米安全保障の戦略構想 / Strategic Leadership: Framework for a 21st Century National Security Strategy
Lael Brainard, et al., Center for a New American Security, Phoenix Initiative


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